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Pitt Stop Detailing and Auto Sales loves to take care of your cars, trucks, and other vehicles, both inside and out. From paint correction to interior detailing, we have you covered. There are a number of items you may need to consider when making sure your car is in tip top shape. Here’s a spring maintenance checklist to keep your car up and running.
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More than likely, at some point, your car is going to need a little care in the cosmetic area. From minor scratches to parking lot dings and dents to larger issues from an accident, your vehicles get exposed to a great deal of damage. How to fix these issues, and the type of bodywork your vehicle needs, will vary greatly, but our team at Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales can help.
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There are a handful of our family, friends, and community who may have been gifted a new car over the holidays and are enjoying that new car smell. There are probably a larger number who are still working on figuring out which casserole spilled in the back of the car, where that gift receipt ended up in the passenger seat, and working on getting all of those new toys, and all of their little parts, out of the kids’ seats. To save you time and trouble, and to get a like-new car, let Pitt Stop Au...
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A vehicle can serve many purposes. Many feel their car may be a number of things, whether the vehicle of your dreams, a place for memory building on trips, an extension of your work place, or some other descriptor. Even if you only have a car for a utilitarian purpose, of transporting yourself, others, and items from one place to another, your car is an investment. Because you have invested in your car, it’s a good idea to protect that investment with the best possible care, from the inside out...
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Our cars are an investment, usually a considerable one that we plan on keeping in top shape for as long as possible. As the newness wears off, many of the promises we make when we purchase a new vehicle, about washing and waxing and detailing the interior tend to fall to the wayside. There are certain external elements you should pay extra attention to, before they damage your vehicle. Pitt Stop Detail can help you keep your car maintained before that damage occurs.
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