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Whether planning for the upcoming holiday season, making a weekend trek to an away football game, or getting ready for your next cross-country trip, there is more to do than booking hotels and finding the next best diner in that sleepy small town. If you are tacking miles on your vehicle, take a little time to prepare for the road trip. Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales has recommendations for what you can do.

Schedule a Checkup

We all need regular checkups, and our vehicles do too, especially before we head out of town. What could have been a quick fix from your mechanic could instead leave you stranded on the side of the road. Belts, tires, brakes, and other systems wear out regularly and could instantly turn your road trip into a nightmare. Schedule a checkup a few weeks before your trip is planned so any maintenance you’ve been putting off can be completed before it is time to pull out of the driveway.

All the Little Things

From windshield wiper blades to headlights to air fresheners, you should give your vehicle a once-over for all the little things that will help your road trip go smoothly. These little things can all be taken care of at Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales so you can focus on the details of your trip, such as packing. Not only can you purchase these things, but we can install them for you to ensure the job is done perfectly and save you time.

Road Trip Emergencies

Emergencies happen, and you want to be prepared for anything. Roadtrippers.com recommends having flashlights, food and water, jumper cables, a first aid kit, chargers, and basic tools just in case. You may also want to think about emergencies for the passengers and have cleaning wipes, trash bags in case someone gets sick, and of course, pack any medicine your fellow road trippers may need.

Schedule Your Detail

This tip is one for when your road trip is over, but make sure to have a scheduled detail and wash with our team. Snack residue and road grime will coat the inside and outside of your car, and you probably have dozens of other tasks you need and would rather be doing after your time away. Ensure the cleaning of every spec that isn’t a souvenir from your trip by our expert technicians by scheduling one of our complete services.

To schedule Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales for your pre-road trip and post-road trip service, contact us today. We will help you get ready and be excited to hear all your stories once you return. Bring in your car, truck, van, SUV, boat, or trailer for us to take care of today!