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Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales has never held back from our feelings that keeping your car, inside and out, in tip top shape is good for many reasons. While you may understand what we refer to regarding conditioning your leather seats or correcting your paint job, you may be less than inclined at our recommendation to keep your engine clean. However, there are a number of purposes for keeping this hidden space clean, far beyond it looking spic and span.

The Aesthetic

A clean engine bay does look good. This is one of the many appeals of a new car and peeking under the hood before road grime dust, oil, and other residue get thrown around by daily driving. Besides that, a clean engine that has been well maintained has higher resale value if you think you may be selling your vehicle at some point in the near future. Having a clean engine will also make it easier for you to do work yourself as you check fluids and inspect the vehicle on a regular basis. When you are less likely to get dirty, you may be more inclined to do these crucial checks on a schedule.

Other Purposes

Outside of you staying cleaner during a routine inspection, having a clean engine will help you identify problems and to know when they may have arisen. Cracks and fissures are easier to spot when the engine is clean, and you will be better able to assess if a small stain from a leak has been there or is a new problem that needs to be addressed. Cleaning your engine regularly will help remove salt and debris, reducing the likelihood of corrosion. A thorough clean can also reduce the chances of fire breaking out as debris can cause hotspots, especially when combined with flammable materials in and around your car and garage.

How to Maintain

Regularly check your engine for leaves, small branches, and other debris that may get caught inside by use and driving. You can brush them off or out if the engine is cool with a small brush, or you can use your leaf blower next time you are clearing your driveway anyways. There are a few at home products you can use – make sure to check their recommendation for having a drip pan and absorbent pads and follow local ordinances for disposing of these materials.

Engine Cleaning Services

Just because you can do something yourself, doesn’t mean you want to, or even that you should. Our detail team has valuable experience in cleaning your engine bay. Just like with every other service we provide – we can accomplish cleaning your vehicle in less time and get to all of the nooks and crannies you may overlook. The same expertise you desire from an interior or exterior detailing will be applied to cleaning your engine.

To consider adding engine bay cleaning to your next service from Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales, contact us today. We can easily add this onto the quality detailing you are receiving from us, making your car better, in more ways than one. If you have questions about detailing packages, let us know.