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Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales takes pride in the condition of our own vehicles and in the condition of the hundreds of vehicles we clean, repair, and detail. Having your vehicle regularly detailed with us will help you see advantages far beyond the pride of a clean car.
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We know our clients would love to bring their cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles to Pitt Stop Auto every day to get cleaned out and looking fresh and new. We also know that isn’t really an option for them. While our team can take care of every nook and cranny in your vehicle, you need tips and tricks for how to take care of everything in between visits to our shop. This is true for all types of interiors, including your leather seats.
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Pitt Stop Auto Detail is the perfect place to have your car looking new, inside and out. We are also the perfect place for much more than cleaning. We offer a number of products and options that will cover your vehicle’s needs, all in one place.
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More so than most people, Pitt Stop Auto understands the way it feels when your car is clean. Even if it “just a car” for you, there is a little pride that comes from having all the dirt and grime washed away. As great as this feels on the exterior of your vehicle, it feels just as good when applied to the interior. Having your interior detailed is a great option and one we can help you with.
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