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It is pretty obvious when your car needs a wash. Whether your truck is covered in mud, your sedan is covered in pollen, or SUV ended up parked in the wrong spot under a tree on errands, you can see the grime that covers your vehicle. How often you should wax your car may be a different story though. Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales has expert advice for when you should protect your car further with this extra step.

Benefits of Waxing

Your car is covered with a coating of paint. This color was selected, or at least approved, by you somewhere in the vehicle purchasing or acquiring process and we imagine that you like the color enough to leave it that way. Paint, whether on cars, walls, pictures, or any other place color might be applied, fades and wears out when exposed to the elements. Most people want to protect their vehicle from this fading and wax is a great way to do that. The Drive states that this thin, clear coat is an easy way to protect “the paint from the weather, harmful chemicals, and the sun’s harsh rays.”

How Often to Wax

While the benefits of waxing are clear, to keep your paint from fading with everything the world can throw at your vehicle, you may still be unsure of how often you need to wax. This depends on a number of factors. If your car is consistently parked in a garage and out of the elements, you may only need to wax your car twice a year. Other drivers who are constantly out in the elements feel the need to wax their car more often, sometimes as often as every eight weeks. According to J.D. Power, “observe how water beads on the vehicle’s surface.” A car with wax protection will have water droplets that bead and roll away. You can also run your finger along the surface of the car. “An unwaxed surface will feel rawer and will offer resistance to sliding.”

Letting the Experts Step In

Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales knows you may not have the time or the desire to give your vehicle the TLC needed to keep it in top shape. When you can’t take care of it yourself or you know it needs extra care, call our expert team. Not only can we help with a perfect outside wash, detail, and wax, but we can give the same care to the interior of your vehicle. On top of that, if there are any minor tears or repairs that need attention, our team can fix those as well.

If you need to schedule an appointment for an exterior detail, interior cleaning, or both, call Pitt Stop Detail and Auto sales today. Our team will get all the nooks and crannies with special equipment and years of experience to leave your car looking close to new. With a number of packages and services available, we can provide the care your car needs.