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With all the road construction in our area it is no wonder more damage doesn’t happen to our vehicles. We are thankful for the smooth roads to get from place to place, but the delays, microscopic scratches, and potentially larger cosmetic issues can be a concern. One of the trickiest issues is tar as there can be significant damage that comes with this sticky substance. Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales has the tips you need for getting tar off your car.
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Pitt Stop Auto’s first recommendation is to park your vehicle as high in your driveway as possible when large amounts of rain heads our way and to never try to drive through floodwater. This is a safety issue as much as a way to protect your property. That being said, our team knows there are times when a flooded vehicle is unavoidable and you will want your car or truck returned to tip top shape as soon as possible.
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With a noticeable change in the air, back to school in full gear, and the return of football, we can be thankful that fall is here once more. Along with unpacking your favorite long sleeved shirts and picking up your favorite coffee beverage, Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales has a few car care tips you want to follow.
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