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Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales has never held back from our feelings that keeping your car, inside and out, in tip top shape is good for many reasons. You may be less than inclined at our recommendation to keep your engine clean. However, there are a number of purposes for keeping this hidden space clean, far beyond it looking spic and span.
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With all the road construction in our area it is no wonder more damage doesn’t happen to our vehicles. We are thankful for the smooth roads to get from place to place, but the delays, microscopic scratches, and potentially larger cosmetic issues can be a concern. One of the trickiest issues is tar as there can be significant damage that comes with this sticky substance. Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales has the tips you need for getting tar off your car.
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We know our clients would love to bring their cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles to Pitt Stop Auto every day to get cleaned out and looking fresh and new. We also know that isn’t really an option for them. While our team can take care of every nook and cranny in your vehicle, you need tips and tricks for how to take care of everything in between visits to our shop. This is true for all types of interiors, including your leather seats.
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Pitt Stop Detailing and Auto Sales loves to take care of your cars, trucks, and other vehicles, both inside and out. From paint correction to interior detailing, we have you covered. There are a number of items you may need to consider when making sure your car is in tip top shape. Here’s a spring maintenance checklist to keep your car up and running.
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