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Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales can clean and refresh your car, truck, SUV, trailer, or other vehicles from top to bottom, inside and out. Our cleaning ensures we get every nook and cranny in your vehicle to shine. Sometimes cleaning isn’t enough; odors can linger and build. While an interior detail will rid your vehicle of some smells, odor treatment is the best way to make your vehicle smell fresh and new again. 

Why does my vehicle need odor removal?

Odors build up in every part of our lives, especially when fabrics, plastics, and certain materials are involved. These can hold in odors which will warrant odor removal. Smoking in your vehicle, large spills and stains, cars that transport pets, and other situations can increase your need for odor treatment. Some vehicles continue to smell after regular detailing or our attempts at cleaning because the odor is deep in the foam or panels of the seat or flooring. If a car has a leak, odor removal can eliminate the mildew or mold smell left after the leak repair. You may also want odor treatment to help increase the resale value of your vehicle. 

What does odor treatment entail?

Our odor removal services extract the odors from your vehicle while eliminating the source, if there is one. This thorough odor treatment will address every inch of your car interior to remove the odor and leave your space feeling and smelling like new. This treatment goes beyond the surface, although we will also address those issues, so your car looks and smells fresh. An odor removal service can be part of a larger service from our team, so every spec of dirt, dust, and smell is left behind when you drive your vehicle off our lot. 

How to keep your vehicle fresh?

We know an automobile can be an extension of your home or office. We do a lot in our vehicle besides getting from point A to point B, including drinking, eating, getting ready for our day, and more. Even “just” getting to our next location can build odors in our vehicle to the point of needing odor removal. Pets, kids, and adults alike bring in odors that build on top of each other. Regular cleaning will help keep odor treatment to be occasionally scheduled instead of a repeat occurrence. Spot-treating stains as they happen can help too. Eliminating smoking in your vehicle can be a large contributor to odor removal. If a leak is causing issues, be sure to have that fixed as soon as possible to eliminate smells that could need odor removal, especially in the summer months when smells can get worse. 

There is no need to drive around with a smelly car or truck; we can do an odor removal service for you and help you enjoy your commute again. To schedule your odor treatment, contact us today. Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales has the experience to get your car, truck, or SUV looking and smelling brand new in no time.