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With a noticeable change in the air, back to school in full gear, and the return of football, we can be thankful that fall is here once more. Along with unpacking your favorite long sleeved shirts and picking up your favorite coffee beverage, Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales has a few car care tips you want to follow.

1. Fluid check – It is a good idea to know how to check the fluids on your car, so you can keep an eye on them between services. Oil, coolant, and brake fluid are all vital parts of keeping your care running. By taking a few minutes this fall to check them, you could prevent costly work in the future.

2. Tire check – While you are checking on the fluids, you can go ahead and check your tires too. Checking both pressure and tread on every tire will take just a few minutes. Carparts.com explains that checking this is “super important because [tires] affect braking ability, handling performance, and overall safety of your vehicle.”

3. Light check – Your interior and exterior have a few different lights that are used for safety and convenience. When the lights burn out, you are running the risk of not seeing or being seen as well as you need to be. Pitt Stop can help you replace these bulbs when you come in for a car wash or detailing.

4. Wiper check – Your windshield wipers are important for visibility during rain, which we get a fair amount of during the fall months. You need to be able to brake sooner than normal to overcome slick roads and need to see any obstacles that may be in your way. Pitt Stop carries windshield wiper blades for most vehicles and can change these out for you in no time. 

5. Heater check – While we all love cold weather, you don’t want to hit the coldest months and be left with a heater that isn’t functioning or is using too much power without producing enough heat. Check the system now so you can schedule a repair with plenty of time.

6. Schedule detailing – With all the time you will spend in your vehicle(s) driving to tailgates, school open houses, and back and forth from grocery stores to make your favorite fall foods, you want to be in an environment that is comfortable. For many, this is a clean car. Pitt Stop has several detailing packages available.

7. Accessorize – If you are picking a new scarf for the upcoming cooler weather, your car may need a few new accessories, too. While we may not recommend a pumpkin spiced latte air freshener, we have several to choose from. Other ideas are new floor mats or seat covers if you need them.

Get started on this list then head over to Pitt Stop for everything you need to prepare your car, truck, trailer, or other vehicle for the fall. Our expert team will make your car fall ready in no time, and you can leave confident in the best service your vehicle could have.