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Pitt Stop Detailing and Auto Sales loves to take care of your cars, trucks, and other vehicles, both inside and out. From paint correction to interior detailing, we have you covered. There are a number of items you may need to consider when making sure your car is in tip top shape.

Here’s a spring maintenance checklist to keep your car up and running.

1. Change your oil and oil filter. We all have a little sticker at the top of our windshield and some of us have computer aided vehicles that will give us reminders, but we still tend to put off our oil changes much longer than we should. By changing your oil, you are helping your car run much more efficiently and preventing damage to your engine.

2. Check all your fluids. As power steering, brake, and transmission fluids get used over time, it's helpful to give them a top off and check them on a regular basis. Since you are checking those, go ahead and check your windshield wiper fluid and change the wiper blades themselves. We can help you with that part!

3. Rotate your tires. While you are at it, give those tires a once over as well. By rotating your tires, you are helping them to wear more evenly and making sure your vehicle stays balanced while you drive. When checking them over, look for any signs of tread issues, debris lodged deep in the tread, and check the pressure.

4. Filter replacement. There are filters for several parts of your car that need to be replaced or checked for functionality. These filters help the car run better and keep the air cleaner in the interior of your car.

5. Replace your bulbs. Between headlights, taillights, brake lights, and interior lights, there are a lot of bulbs in your car or truck. These lights are all important safety features and need to be replaced from time to time.

6. Fill in the cracks. It is pretty common for chips and cracks to happen in a vehicle’s windshield, that’s what they are there for after all – to protect the driver from debris. While some chips may look minor, they need attention from time to time to make sure they don’t get larger and interfere with a driver’s visibility.

7. Charge your battery. Or at least check the charge on your battery before it dies. The last thing any of us want is to walk out to a car with a dead battery. Even if you have jumper cables and someone around to help with a jump, it can take a few minutes when you need to be somewhere else. Give your battery a little attention before it becomes an emergency.

By taking care of your car with a few simple checks, you should be ready for your daily routine, upcoming road trip, and everything in between. To help your car look as good on the inside and outside as it performs now that you have taken care of this list, come see our team at Pitt Stop, today. We can help you finish all those last details to make your car perfect.