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The Science of Ceramic Coatings: Why Your Car Needs It

When we buy any type of vehicle, we are making an investment. Whether we are a gear head that likes to collect specific types of cars, a busy parent who transports kids, groceries, and sports equipment throughout the day, or we need a work truck to haul around materials and people from place to place, our vehicle is important to us, sometimes in multiple ways. Protecting that investment is important to us. Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales wants to protect that investment in the best possible ways, which includes offering ceramic coatings for your car, truck, or SUV. Ceramic coating has many benefits and can be a great first step in tending to your vehicle’s needs.

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is another layer of protection that you can be applied to your vehicle to protect the paint color and body underneath. According to The Drive, “ceramic coating is a long-term nanoscopic exterior automotive paint treatment and protectant”. Once applied from it’s liquid state, a hard layer sets. While most commonly used on the exterior body of the vehicle, it can also be applied to wheels, brake calipers, and windows for added protection there. Ceramic coatings are usually made of silicon dioxide, made from sand, and/or titanium dioxide and the polymer actually bonds with the surface below, sealing the vehicle as it creates the protective layer. When properly applied and maintained, your ceramic coating will last 2-5 years, depending on your environment and the use of the vehicle, as stated by Auto Guide.

How can it help?

One of the appealing aspects of ceramic coating is, when applied correctly paint correction can take place. The liquid application of the coating allows for gaps created by small dings and scratches to be filled in before the coating hardens. Ceramic coating also adds an additional layer of protection from rain and harmful sun damage which allows your favorite vehicle color to shine through even longer. Water will literally bead off your vehicle, leaving it looking better after a wash or rain shower. It is possible for your vehicle to still get dinged, scratched, or damaged, but more of the day-to-day is shielded. This coating also provides an incredible amount of glossy shine which leaves your car looking better.

What still needs regular detailing?

For a ceramic coating to maintain its protective features, regular washing and detailing will still have to be kept up. While the ceramic coating can protect your vehicle and make it easier for stains, dirt, and residue to wash off, the grime of daily driving can quickly build up and eat away at any surface. Additionally, because scratches and dings are still possible with the coating, you will want those filled and cared for like usual.

To learn more about ceramic coatings or to schedule yours, contact us today. We can clean your vehicle, no matter how dirty, inside and out, and apply the coating you need for long lasting shine and protection. Our Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales team has the expertise and knowledge to get every nook and cranny, whether we are vacuuming that hard-to-reach spot or filling in that unsightly scratch.