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The summer heat wreaks havoc on all of us, people, animals, and, believe it or not, our belongings. Just like you might be wary of leaving certain items out in the sun for too long, you should be concerned about the damage the sun’s rays can have on your car. Our team at Pitt Stop Auto has some ideas to protect your car and prevent damage from happening in the first place.
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Pitt Stop Auto cares for your entire vehicle, inside and outside, from top to bottom. Our care goes far beyond a regular wash that just gets a little dirt and dust off the exterior. Instead, we focus on every detail, every nook, and every cranny to make sure that it looks as close to perfect as possible.
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Pitt Stop Auto Detail knows the holiday season is filled with time in the car. From errands to holiday gatherings to trips to see loved ones, even during a very different 2020, time in your car increases right now. With all that extra time in your car, there are multiple reasons you will appreciate your car being detailed. 1. Less Stress- The cleaner your car, on the outside and the inside, the less stress you will feel, outside of all the extra holiday traffic. By removing all the dust, dirt...
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