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There can be obvious parts of our vehicle that we want to give extra attention to, parts we see often, or impact the comfort of our daily commute. Keeping the interior clean and kept up, fixing the chipped paint on the driver’s door, replacing windshield wipers, and other aspects of routine car maintenance are in the forefront of our mind, even if we sometimes delay. There are other parts of our vehicle’s maintenance that we can forget about or not even be aware of. Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales have several maintenance tips, especially when it comes to thinking about the importance of headlight restoration.

Importance of Headlight Restoration

The lights on our cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles do important work. The rear lights warn of braking or communicate to other drivers that you are turning. The headlights provide the same communication about turning but also illuminate the road when visibility is reduced. Sometimes the reduction of visibility is because a lightbulb is burned out and needs replacement. Other times, the protective lenses need restoration. Exposure to elements, like the sun’s harmful UV rays, debris, and general wear and tear can cause fogginess, yellowing, or cloudiness. The restoration that needs to be done is not covered with a simple washing of soap and water, although this needs to be done on a regular basis, too. The restoration involves special solutions and procedures to get them back to the clear and bright status you once had. 

Signs It Is Time for Headlight Restoration

With a regular observation of your car, you will be able to tell when you may need headlight restoration. Noticeable cracks, scratches, or scuffs are a sign that your visibility may be reduced and restoration may be in order. This can happen after an accident, even a small one, or if debris brushes against your vehicle. Yellowed headlights are also a sign it is time for headlight restoration, the area should be clear and bright for optimal visibility. You will see yellow appear quicker in cars and trucks that are parked in the sunlight more often than in the shade. Any cloudiness, fogginess, or haziness is also a sign that our team can help you since your beams need a clear path to travel through for safety purposes. If you are having difficulty seeing on the road, even with your headlights on, there could be an issue with these lenses that we can address. 

Why Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales

Our team of vehicle maintenance experts can efficiently replace or restore your headlights to working order to keep you and other drivers safe on the road. Doing this task can be tricky and, if done incorrectly, can lead to more visibility issues or broken components that will need more time and investment to fix. Additionally, we know many in our community are short on time and have other work, tasks, projects, or fun they would rather be focusing on. By utilizing Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales, you can ensure the task is done right, that your vehicle is safer and looking better, and add on additional services as needed, like an interior detail or ceramic coating to make your entire vehicle shine.

To schedule your appointment for headlight restoration with Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales, contact us today. We can work you in for this important safety task and schedule you for your next car wash and detail as well. Our expert team knows the ins and outs of taking care of your vehicle, any size, and are happy to be working with you.