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While some avid boaters will use their boats throughout the year, we are nearing the end of the window when boats are used in lakes, rivers, and coastal regions in our area. Before you store your boat at the end of the season, there are a few tasks you want to complete. Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales can help you get your boat in storage shape.

Engine and System Checks

It is vital to check through all the basic parts of your engine before storing your boat for the winter season. Any issues you have won’t get better while it sits in a garage or other facility. In addition to checking the actual engine, belts, and batteries, you also need to check the practical parts of the engine like the mount, grease points, and all fluid levels. It may seem counterintuitive to fill some of these fluids, like the fuel tank, transmission fluid, and antifreeze, but this will help your system rather than hurt it.

Interior Check

Any storage in your boat, including a refrigerator and freezer, must be cleared out before putting your boat away. You don’t want to return in the spring to find your last adventure’s snacks waiting for you. Any cushions should be cleaned and stored upright. Check over all hinges and sockets, and consider an anti-corrosive spray to keep everything from rusting. This is also a great time to check every bolt and fastener, making sure they are tight and in good working order.

Exterior Check

Your most important step will be to ensure there are no leaks to be fixed on the hull of your boat. You also want to check hatches and ports for leaks. Washing, waxing, and touching up cracked or chipped paint is vital to lengthening the life of your boat and keeping it looking great. Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales can take care of much of the exterior and interior detailing you may need.

Replacing and Repairs

If anything on your boat, like the rudder, engine parts, or structural components needs replacing or repair, this is the time to schedule it. Since you will not be using your boat during the off-season, it can be beneficial to allow a boat repair shop to take the time they need to get your boat in working order once again. If you go ahead and put the boat in storage, it may be easy for you to put off the repairs, week by week, and before you realize it, boating season is back, and you won’t have the chance to get your boat fixed.

To prepare your boat for off-season storage or clean it up for one last ride on the lake, call us at Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales. We can clean your boat, inside and out, top to bottom. Our expert technicians have the tools and expertise to get every nook and cranny you may not be able to reach, and we can free up your time to take care of other things. To schedule an appointment, contact us today.