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5 Ways to Protect Your Vehicle from Hail

When we purchase a car, truck, van, SUV, or other vehicle, we want to protect it for several reasons. It is a considerable investment, a need in most of our lives, and some of us really enjoy and like the cars we drive. It may feel a little helpless to think about what we may not be able to protect our cars from, like fallen tree branches, accidents, and weather elements. Hail damage is another concern many may have, and Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales has ways to protect your vehicle from some of these weather anomalies.


Park in a covered space. 

The best way to protect your vehicle from hail damage is to park it in a covered space as frequently as possible. This coverage also protects cars from the sun’s harmful rays, fallen debris, or other issues your vehicle may encounter. A garage, carport, or porte-cochère are all great options for your home, and parking in a covered garage at work can also be helpful. 

Avoid driving during storms.

While we cannot always avoid driving during inclement weather, if you can stay at home, at work, or another place during the heaviest rain and wind, you and your car will be safer. Your car is less likely to suffer hail damage by minimizing your time on the road during predicted bad weather. If you get caught in a bad storm, try pulling over in an area with covered parking if you are able. 

Protection in an emergency.

There are two components to consider when protecting your vehicle from hail damage during an emergency. The first is protecting the aesthetics, like your paint job and bodywork. The second is protecting the windshield, which, if cracked, can make it difficult or impossible to drive. Cardboard, blankets, old mattresses, and other means of protection might help prevent hail damage and protect your car. Just be careful as you are putting these items on your vehicle that you aren’t putting yourself in danger as you do. 

Insure your vehicle.

Insurance is there for a reason, and you need to speak to your agent or broker about your coverage against hail damage. You can work with them to evaluate if you need to increase your coverage if hail damage is more common in your area. You can also speak to them about whether you should file a claim for the amount of damage you have or if you should wait and pay out of pocket for repairs. 

Ceramic coating, in some situations.

Ceramic coating, like the coating Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales can apply, will provide car protection in some cases. While this coating will mainly prevent some damage from smaller hail, ceramic coating is still a great way to protect your vehicle from other debris and messes from general driving and use.


Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales knows you want to protect your car as much as possible. By taking a few easy steps you are reducing the chances your car, truck, or SUV will have hail damage. While we can’t prevent every issue, we can work to minimize them. If you would like to know more about ceramic coating, need paint correction from a similar issue, or simply need detailing, contact us today.