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Pitt Stop Auto Detail is the perfect place to have your car looking new, inside and out. We are also the perfect place for much more than cleaning. We offer a number of products and options that will cover your vehicle’s needs, all in one place.

Extra Needs

Your vehicle needs more than gas and an occasional oil change to keep it going. Pitt Stop Auto Detail offers many of these little extras, so you can take care of all your vehicle’s needs in the same place. By scheduling a regular detailing, you can make sure your vehicle is in top shape and stays up to date on maintenance.

  • Wiper Blades - Wiper blades are important, especially in our area, for cleaning your windshield and removing rain quickly to help with visibility. The size varies from car to car. When you see them becoming less effective, go ahead and bring your car in so we can get you taken care of.
  • Cabin Air Filters - The cabin air filter removes some of the dust and pollen common in Texas, making the interior air easier to breathe. The filter helps your air conditioner and heater run more efficiently as well. This needs to be replaced about once a year, but some dustier areas may need it to be replaced more often.
  • Air Fresheners - An air freshener is a nice way to enter your car each day and can help you feel like you are in a refreshing environment. These need to be replaced at your own discretion, depending on the type you have. We offer a number of varieties to make sure there is a scent you love.
  • Headlights, Taillights, and Interior Bulbs - These are all designed to make your vehicle safer, from being more visible on the road or being able to see inside your car when stopped. Replacing your lights will depend on how often you use them, and they need to be replaced as soon as they go out to help you and other drivers on the road.

Interior and Exterior Detailing

Pitt Stop Auto Detail cares about each of the vehicles that end up in our service. Much more than a standard car wash, we want your vehicle to stand out for all the right reasons. From claybar that removes built up dirt and grime to sealants that prevent that build up from happening again, your vehicle will receive our best care. The interior detailing is just as careful, making sure every speck of dust is removed from every nook and cranny. While your vehicle is in our care, we can also do upholstery repair and deep cleaning if you need to get rid of an old smell that has been lingering for a while. 

Gift Options

Pitt Stop Auto Detail can truly be a one stop shop, at least for some of your needs. After your vehicle is taken care of, consider purchasing a detailing package for your loved one or favorite client to take a task off their list. We can pick up their vehicle or offer some of our services mobile, bringing our same measure of excellence to their home or place of business. Not only will you be giving them the gift of pride as they enjoy their car being well maintained, but you will be giving them back some of their free time as they don’t have to worry about when to do it themselves. 

Bring your vehicle our way, or let us come to you, to provide the best care, inside and out. We have the experience to take care of your detailing needs and upkeep of your vehicle. To learn more about what we offer, contact us today.