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We Service More Than Just Your Car

Just like Pitt Stop Detail is about more than washing your daily driver, we are more than cleaning just cars in general. Our expertise of getting every detail on the inside and outside of your vehicle carries over into other ways we can help you. Now is a great time to see what we can do, as we help you make sure your boat, motorcycle, trailer, or RV is in its best condition.


When a boat comes out of the water, whether that source is fresh water or salt, there is a minimal amount of cleaning that needs to take place to keep the exterior and motor in good working condition. More likely, the boat will need some cleaning and detailing inside as well to remove residue, potential spills, and build up that occurred on a single time out or over multiple trips on the water.


The general population may think, due to the size, that a motorcycle is a snap to clean and detail. Motorcycle enthusiasts, and our team, know better. Because of the exposed parts, or the frame, or a number of factors that vary from motorcycle to motorcycle, it can be just as complicated to make sure every nook and cranny is well maintained and cleaned. Our special tools and attention to detail will make sure your motorcycle is ready for the road in no time.


If you are a guy or gal with a trailer, you probably stay busy, whether hauling your own stuff around or helping out friends and family. It seems we use trailers in our area a good amount of time. Depending on your trailer and what it is used for, your detailing needs will differ and we can make sure to customize your cleaning to meet those needs. We wouldn’t clean an open air trailer used for landscaping the same way we would a closed trailer used for a catering business. We will work with you to make sure it is perfect either way.


Cleaning an RV, inside and out, is a big job that takes a large amount of time. To make sure it is done correctly, including the undercarriage and the roof, extra tools can be helpful as well. Our team has everything we need to make sure your RV gets the care it needs after your camping or road trip. If you have been close to the coast, where salt in the air may pose additional damage to your vehicle, schedule your appointment with us for when you get back. This way, you can unload your contents and we will take care of the rest!

If any of your vehicles need additional repair, like upholstery or new wipers, we have the ability to help with that as well. These slight rips, tears, and cracks can be a distraction or an irritation. We want every detail taken care of so your pleasure vehicle can truly be a pleasure.

At the end of the day, most of the time we use our trailer, boat, motorcycle, or RV, it has been for a time of pleasure and relaxation, or for a large amount of work. The last thing we may want to do is spend hours cleaning and detailing for storage or in preparation of the next use. Except this is exactly what Pitt Stop Detail wants to do for you. We are in the business of making sure your vehicle, whatever type, is ready for your next use.

To learn more about our detailing packages, for any type of vehicle you own, please contact us today. We offer some cleaning on site, wherever you are, and larger detailing can be done at our location with drop off service. We look forward to getting your vehicle perfectly clean.