Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales Blog

We are passionate about helping out customers have clean cars, inside and out. However, we understand that our passion for well maintained cars may leave a few questions with others, especially those who may not understand why detailing is so important to the longevity of your vehicle. At Pitt Stop Detail, we love to talk about cars and why we love to make them the best version we can.

What is offered in detailing?

We have a number of different packages available depending on what you want or what your vehicle needs for returning to tip top shape. In addition to washing your car, we may remove scuff marks, grimy build up, wax, or paint correction. This will vary depending on the condition of your vehicle and what you want us to focus on.

What does pricing look like for detailing my car?

We offer several packages, all varying to match the level of care you want us to give to your vehicle. In addition to the standard packages we offer, there are additional services you can add on, such as hail damage repair, clay bar, or overspray removal. No vehicle comes to us the same, so we can work with you to see what you need.

Do I need the interior and the exterior detailed at the same time?

Not necessarily, but our basic package does include some service in the interior of your vehicle as well. The concept behind this is simple, we want you to feel great about your car from the moment you begin walking towards it through getting back behind the drivers seat and carrying on about your day. We think that involves doing some level of care for both the interior and exterior of the car. Additionally, we can package additional needs, like headliner replacement or smoke odor removal if that is needed.

What if I can’t get away to bring my car to you and wait for detailing service?

We can come pick up your car and have it delivered back to you when we are done. We know our clients have busy lives and we want to work alongside our community to make this service accessible as much as possible.

What are the benefits of having my car detailed? Can’t I just do it myself?

The benefits of having your car detailed are numerous. And you could take care of it yourself, however, many don’t have the time to focus on every aspect that our team would when given a vehicle to detail. Our experience helps us get into the nitty gritty, quite literally. Our specialized tools help us reach every nook and cranny inside and outside of your car. When you have your vehicle detailed, not only does it help bring a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction to you, but it also increases the longevity of the car’s physical structure. The paint will last longer, the headlights and windows will be more functional, and the interior can be examined for wear and tear.

Why should I have my car detailed if it’s just going to get dirty again?

We get it. A decent rain shower, road construction, or particularly zealous birds flying overhead can quickly destroy even a simple washing. The benefits of detailing, especially when combined with waxing or other protective coatings, can help slow the damage of fine particles of sand, construction grime, or animal byproducts. Further, regular detailing will make those in between washings easier as there won’t be layers and layers of grime and dirt to take care of.

When should I have my car detailed?

We recommend a fairly regular basis, to keep your vehicle in great condition, but at minimum a few times a year is a great starting point. During some seasons, especially in our area, like when lovebugs are highly concentrated, when pollen is in season, and when tree sap is more likely to fall on your car, then we would focus on ridding your car of these potentially damaging components as soon as possible.

What are special circumstances when you would recommend a car detailing?

If you take your vehicle to the coast or to transport your family skiing in the snow, we would recommend bringing your car in for a detailing. Those elements impact your car differently than the usual environment and need special attention.

Also, for special occasions like a wedding, bringing a new baby home, or picking up a loved one at the airport, can be a fun time for your vehicle to be detailed.


To learn more about our detailing services or to go ahead and schedule your appointment, please contact us today. We can quickly and effectively get your car in top shape and back to you!