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While wear is normal for parts of your car, especially ones you use frequently, there are ways to protect and clean these spots to make them look better and last longer. Cloth seats are no exception to this. While Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales is the best option for the deep cleaning you need, there are ways you can clean and protect this area of your car.

1. Trash it. We don’t mean for you to trash the vehicle, as we rarely recommend doing so, but rather to start by throwing away all trash and excess debris. This step will automatically make your car look better. Using a vacuum over various areas may be helpful to clean up dirt and grime that may be sitting on the surface of these spots.

2. Spot treat. If you have any overt stains on your cloth seats, you will want to spot-treat those areas first. Several great upholstery cleaners are available for you to use. Let the cleaner soak in if the stain has set in or been there for a while. Follow the instructions on the cleaner for the best results.

3. Clean the seats. You can now apply the cleaner to the entire seat to eliminate typical spots and stains. You want to find a balance between using enough cleaner to improve appearances and not applying so much that the cleaner soaks into the foam padding beneath the seat. Family Handyman recommends “two light applications of the cleaning product, with a vacuuming in between” as the best choice for seats that need extra attention.

4. Vacuum again. You will want to remove the dirt that the upholstery cleaner brought to the surface of your seats during cleaning, or else the seats will appear dirty later in the day. By vacuuming, you are getting rid of all excess dirt and any residual cleaner that may be left behind.

5. Prevent stains. The best way to prevent stains is to avoid them in the first place. You can keep your car a lot cleaner by minimizing food, drink, and other messy materials in your vehicle. Some opt for seat covers that are easier to remove and clean from time to time too. However, this may present its own challenges, especially with long commutes, road trips, kids, and pets.

6. Protect from stains. You can use a spray protectant to help repel potential stains in your car. This protectant will need to be reapplied from time to time. You may also consider some basic cleaning supplies you can leave in your car, such as wipes in the event of a spilled drink. If you notice the creation of a big mess, it is best to address it immediately.

While there is a lot you can do to keep your car clean, Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales is available to get all those crevices, nooks, and crannies that you can’t reach or may not have the time to clean. Our team has the expertise and tools needed to clean your car seats, cloth, or other material and get you back on the road in no time. To learn more about our interior and exterior detailing services, contact us today.