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Your car has more components than you probably think about on a regular basis. Inside and out, there are dozens and dozens of pieces that make your vehicle work. While Pitt Stop Detailing and Auto Sales doesn't handle engine repair or coolant lines, we know a thing or two about how to clean dozens and dozens of pieces of your car, including a crucial part for safety and visibility, your headlights.

Functionality of Headlights

While a vehicle may look funny without headlights, they aren't there for aesthetic reasons. This portion of your car allows you to see in dim or dark driving conditions and allows other drivers, pedestrians, or animals to see your vehicle as well. Anytime that visibility is reduced, by burnt out bulbs, debris in the way, or cloudy headlights, you are increasing the likelihood of someone getting hurt or in an accident. Headlights are so important, you could be pulled over and ticketed if they are not functioning properly and they are a regular part of your vehicle's inspection.

Spot Cleaning and Checking

Checking your headlights should be a part of your regular driving experience. Before you get into your vehicle you should take notice if there is any debris in the way or that they weren't broken for some reason while you were away. Once you turn on your car you can check to make sure they are working against your garage door or, at night time, by simply looking ahead into the driveway or parking lot. You can spot clean them with soapy water and cleaning during a car wash by hand. If there is extra grime on them you may have to use additional elbow grease or a scrub brush to remove bugs, wax, or other elements from the road.

Full Restoration

Beyond a general wash, we recommend leaving full restoration to our Pitt Stop team. The elements in your headlights can often get foggy and cloudy and we can polish those pieces by removing them properly, getting them clean, and fitting them back together. There are also protective coatings on your headlights that break down over time. If you try to clean them, you may make an issue worse. We can use special chemicals and techniques to restore your headlights and reapply these coatings to extend the life of your headlights. These protective coatings are important to your car's function as it protects the lights from the UV rays they are exposed to as you drive each day. Often, to remove some grime or breakdown that is causing less visibility on your headlights, we will need to sand them down to a small degree. By relying on our expertise, you can rest assured that the job will be done right.

If you are having your vehicle cleaned and detailed with us, you may want to look at headlight restoration too. If the rest of your car is spic and span, you don't want to distract from that with headlights that need a little extra care. To schedule services with Pitt Stop Detailing and Auto Sales, contact us today.