Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales Blog

Our team at Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales takes care of much more than your car, SUV, or truck. We can clean and detail any vehicle you bring to us, including the trailer you use for hauling around all those extras each week or for special projects. In between our detail, there are a few maintenance tips you may want to consider.

Tire Check

You should check your tires on every vehicle before every drive. A quick walk around the vehicle and trailer will help you see any obvious issues, but you will want to take a little extra time to do more than a spot check. Use a gauge to check air pressure and look to ensure there is no debris embedded in the tire tread or wall that will cause a puncture to happen. Tread needs to be checked every few months to assess whether you need the tires changed and a tire rotation should happen a few times a year. Don’t forget to check your spare tire from time to time as well.

Wheel Check

While you are looking over your tires, look at the wheels for rust and general wear that may impact your ability to drive your trailer safely. A wheel should be replaced when damaged. This will keep you on the road, in your lane, and able to reach your destination with less issues. Your wheel bearings need to be checked once a year to make sure they are in good repair.


Just like you need to make sure your signal and brake lights are working, you need to make sure the lights of your trailer are functional. This is especially important when towing a trailer as you may need to give more warning to vehicles traveling behind you that you are slowing down, turning, or changing lanes. If you are in need of a replacement, we can take care of that for you during your next detail.

Suspension Service

Suspension types vary from trailer to trailer and what the trailer is being used for or is intended to be used for. The Drive reminds us that “they are all subjected to everything underneath the trailer, including salt, road grime, dirt, gravel, and tar.” By inspecting the suspension regularly, you can keep an eye on it before an issue arises. It is also recommended to spray your trailer down after visiting coastal areas or if you are using your trailer to launch a boat to make sure the salt and dirt doesn’t corrode parts early.

Metal and Wood

Regardless of what your trailer is made of, the materials need to be in good repair. Check wood for buckling and that sidewalls are not bent out of place or rusting out. Not only will this ensure safety on the road, but it will keep your trailer functional for years to come.

Once you have completed your regular spot inspection, it is probably time that your trailer is brought to us at Pitt Stop Auto and Detail for a thorough cleaning. We have all the tools and skills we need to clean every inch of your trailer. Contact us to set an appointment for your trailer and the vehicle you use to tow it in today.