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With all the road construction in our area it is no wonder more damage doesn’t happen to our vehicles. We are thankful for the smooth roads to get from place to place, but the delays, microscopic scratches, and potentially larger cosmetic issues can be a concern. One of the trickiest issues is tar as there can be significant damage that comes with this sticky substance. Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales has the tips you need for getting tar off your car.

1. Washing Immediately. If you are already on your way home, you may be able to remove the tar with a regular washing if you act quickly. Before the tar sets, you can use warm water, soap, and a microfiber towel to gently remove what you can. This is an important first step in any case because other products will work better if your car is washed first. It will also give you the chance to fully inspect your car for any additional spots of tar.

2. WD-40. This is another method that must be used, to remove tar. Carnes Mechanical recommends within the first 24 hours of tar getting on your car. Use a small towel to rub WD-40 in circular motions over the tar, saturating the spot until it is easily removed. Be careful not to rub too hard and damage your actual paint.

3. Peanut butter. No, it isn’t snack time, although a sandwich may be a nice reward after all that cleaning. You can spread peanut butter on the areas effected by tar and let it stand for 10 minutes while the oils breakdown the tar enough to remove. Rub away the peanut butter with a towel, then wash like normal.

4. Tar removal products. There are a handful of tar removal products on the market you may want to consider. You will need to follow all directions and use these with caution because some can be abrasive and damage the vehicle’s paint if not used correctly. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area and that you have protection for your hands when applying and cleaning after using these products.

5. Other ideas. Some recommend linseed oil or mayonnaise as other suggestions, although we certainly recommend cleaning the mayonnaise off quickly to avoid a pungent smell, especially in the summer. It may be that oily substances in general are effective for breaking down the tar or at least loosening the grip the tar has on your car’s surface long enough to remove.

Unfortunately, not every tar is easy to remove and not every vehicle owner has the time to try these different home remedies. Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales can step in to remove the tar that you can’t and can restore your vehicle to tip top shape. Our exterior detailing will remove every bit of debris and residue from your vehicle with no damage to the paint underneath. If you have left tar on for too long or if you have paint damage that needs correcting, we can take care of that for you too while we have your vehicle in our care. Taking care of the exterior of your vehicle is definitely about aesthetics, but it has structural value as well, the paint protects the materials underneath, and we want that maintained for as long as you have your car or truck.

To set an appointment with our team to work on the interior and exterior as needed, contact us today. We can help your vehicle look like new. From detailing to odor removal to upholstery repair to paint correction, your car will receive the best care at Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales.