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New Year, Like-New Car: After Holiday Deep Clean

There are a handful of our family, friends, and community who may have been gifted a new car over the holidays and are enjoying that new car smell. There are probably a larger number who are still working on figuring out which casserole spilled in the back of the car, where that gift receipt ended up in the passenger seat, and working on getting all of those new toys, and all of their little parts, out of the kids’ seats. To save you time and trouble, and to get a like-new car, let Pitt Stop Auto Detail help with your detailing and cleaning needs.

Interior Detailing

Unfortunately, cleaning your car of trash isn’t usually enough. Pollen, leaves, and dirt get stuck to the bottom of your shoe and are left in the carpet or footwell when you get out. Dust and dirt naturally fall onto your seat or other parts of your interior. Fingerprint smudges are easily found on your windows. This fails to mention the leftover spilled drinks, forgotten about trash between your seats, and any other item that may have found its way into the depths of your interior. Our team has special tools and experience to reach every nook and cranny to clean the interior of your vehicle. If you need upholstery repair or deep cleaning from a stain, we can work that into our schedule too.

Exterior Detailing

Exterior detailing has two purposes. The first is for your vehicle to look the best it can. By detailing the exterior of your car, truck, or recreational vehicle, we can create a shine that you will be proud of every time you drive your car. Additionally, exterior detailing can extend the life of your paint and protect the frame of your vehicle. With every wax and polish, we help fill in the microscopic scratches and dents that happen every day from dust and small rocks in the air. By removing residue from grime and environmental by products, we are protecting your pain from breaking down. For vehicles that need even more help, we can do clay bar, paint correction, or apply a ceramic coating. 

Ongoing Detailing

While the holidays may build exponentially on the amount of dirt, grime, and extra stuff in your car, the more we use our vehicle, the more we have to work to keep it clean. By regularly bringing your vehicle to Pitt Stop Auto, you will be able to stay on top of cleaning. This regular cleaning and detailing will help reduce stress and free up time as you can drop off your car or we can bring some of our services to you. We want to make our detailing services as convenient as possible and we can take care of all of your vehicle needs, including your trailer, classic car, or boat. 

Contact us today to let us know what your detailing needs are. We can provide you with information about our standard package or we can start to build something based on what your needs are. We want you to feel like your existing car is a little like-new and will work hard to make that happen.