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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Shopping for presents, whether at holiday time or during the year, can be a stressful undertaking. We want to strike that perfect balance between the budget we have for the person we care about and something they will use. As we rack our brains, trying to find a perfect solution, sometimes spending hours driving around town to look for the perfect gift, the answer can be right under our nose in our very own vehicle. By giving a car detail package with Pitt Stop Auto Detail, or several, you will be sure to give a gift that keeps on giving.

Benefits of a Car Detail

The benefits of giving a car detail are many. Not only will your gift be sure to be used, but it is a gift your loved one will see every time they walk out to their car. They will be reminded of the gift as they sit in traffic, in a clean and orderly space, and they can tell their friends about the perfect present they received. What’s more, studies show that having clean spaces can have a psychological benefit as well. According to a healthline article, clean spaces not only impact our physical well-being, but our mental well-being. “When we clear clutter, it has the potential to clear our mental space and attention span,” says Tricia Wolanin, a clinical psychologist. Carrying over the mental benefits to the car, which we spend a fair amount of time in, we are offering additional peace and comfort to those we love.

Taking Care of their Vehicle

Another great reason to gift services through Pitt Stop Auto Detail is the investment you are providing your loved one with. First, you will be caring for their vehicle, extend the life of the exterior and interior of the car. Simple cleaning, on a regular basis, has an impact, not only on how the car looks, but how well it withstands time. Second, you will be caring for their time. As we all lead busy lives, we tend to have more on our plates than we have time for in the day. By providing a detail package, or whatever service we can offer, you are giving your loved one a little time back on their day. Additionally, because we offer some on site services, they don’t even have to bring their vehicle to us. We will take care of everything.

What is offered?

There are many choices you can gift to the ones you love. You could gift a series of standard washes, details, and interior cleanings for the busy mom who always has fries and sports gear to clean out of her car. You could also provide the gear head in your life with an upholstery repair on their classic car, bringing them one step closer to the refurbishment on their favorite weekend activity. Another idea is to give your nephew a ceramic coating to protect his car as he drives back and forth on the weekends to college and back to visit family. Or you could gift your entire family a detailing on your RV so it is ready for camping and trips to the lake every weekend.

Whichever gift you decide to give, or gifts for every member of your circle of family and friends, Pitt Stop Auto Detail is ready to provide the best service for you and those you love. Our expertise, equipment, and knowledge will have your vehicle looking like new. While you are working out the details of your gifts, contact us about cleaning and detailing your vehicle, too. After all, you need that little pick me up with all your holiday shopping done!