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8 Reasons Why You’ll Be Thankful for a Car Detail

Pitt Stop Auto Detail knows the holiday season is filled with time in the car. From errands to holiday gatherings to trips to see loved ones, even during a very different 2020, time in your car increases right now. With all that extra time in your car, there are multiple reasons you will appreciate your car being detailed.

1. Less Stress- The cleaner your car, on the outside and the inside, the less stress you will feel, outside of all the extra holiday traffic. By removing all the dust, dirt, trash, and build up, you can feel good about your car every time you step in.

2. Looks Good- Even if your car is older or used more on a functional basis, it feels good to drive up in a car that looks taken care of. With an extra detail, you know your vehicle will shine and gleam as you visit others. 

3. Protects Your Investment- Your vehicle is an investment, both in the cost of your vehicle and in how much you use it each day. By detailing your vehicle on a regular basis you can protect this investment. Regular cleaning and occasional deep cleanings can remove build up and apply protectants for the interior and the exterior.

4. One Less Thing- With our drop off or on site service, we can take care of detailing and washing your vehicle and remove that from your to-do list. We all have extra tasks to worry about at this time of year and detailing your car is what we do. By leaving this to us, you can focus on all the tasks we can’t help you with!

5. Preventative Protection- Some detailing packages include wax, clear coating, and protective sprays that will not only keep your car shining, but also help prevent damage as you drive around. Water spots, dirt, and grime will be less likely to stick to your car.

6. Safety- With a careful detail, we can make sure you have full visibility from all of your windows which is always important. With the distractions and extra traffic of the holiday season, you will want that extra visibility. By having a clean interior, you will also be better able to focus on driving, rather than the clutter. 

7. Get Rid of Odors- The last thing you want is to get into a car with your freshly baked pie or seasonal holiday beverage and smell last spring’s gym socks or your dog’s odor from the backseat. By detailing your car on a regular basis, these odors will be gone. We also offer deep cleanings for vehicles that need smoke removal.

8. Less Allergies- Both the interior and exterior of your car attract different allergens. Whether it’s a coat of pollen on your car or deep layers in the carpet, we want you to be as healthy as possible and to feel great in your vehicle. We will make sure these allergen causing factors are removed as much as possible. 

To set your appointment for a detail or one of our additional services, contact us today. When you drive away in your clean car, you will be thankful you did. While you are getting your car detailed, you can cross off a little shopping by buying a few packages for family and friend gifts, too.