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Even when we take good care of our vehicles, it can be difficult to avoid some scratches and issues with the paint. Sometimes in trying to care for our vehicles we can actually cause issues that ultimately need correction. Pitt Stop Auto Detailing has options to restore your paint and bring the shine and color back to the beautiful way it looked when you first purchased your vehicle.

What is swirling?

Swirling happens when dust or microscopic particles are dragged across the surface of a vehicle’s paint. While tiny, they can do a lot of damage by cutting a “v” shape into what is supposed to be a solid surface. This “v” catches the light causing you to notice the scratch or swirl as you walk by or examine your car.

What causes swirling?

Swirling can be caused by drying your car with a dry rag when dust or dirt is left behind, which is why rinsing your car thoroughly is so important. Swirling can also be caused by buffing incorrectly or using the wrong tools or products to wash your car. Setting items on your car and shifting them can cause swirling to take place, this includes a car cover that is not moved on or off correctly.

What other issues can be found in a car’s paint?

In addition to swirling, regular scratches happen for a variety of reasons, from an overzealous door opener in a store parking lot to your favorite toddler helping decorate your new car. Nicks and dents can also happen from being hit by rocks or other debris while driving. The depth of these scratches and nicks will vary greatly.

What steps are in paint correction?

It is important we wash your vehicle before we begin the process so we don’t add to any issues when we begin paint correction. From there, we use special tools to even the outer layers of paint and topcoat. By doing so, we are able to remove many superficial scratches and evident swirling that will allow the light to reflect off your shining vehicle once again.

For deeper scratches and dents, we may not be able to even the paint far enough. In these cases, we can round off the paint a bit to make sure these imperfections are less noticeable to you and any passerby.

How can I prevent issues again?

Outside of keeping your car in a vacuum-sealed room, your vehicle is going to have contact with external forces. However, there are a few things to remember. Don’t put items like your workout bag, your purse, your cups, or grocery bags on top of your car. By sliding these items off and on, you could cause minor issues. Over time, these minor issues become more noticeable.

Also, follow extra care when you wash your vehicle, making sure your chamois and materials are in good shape. Rinse your vehicle thoroughly before drying. Another option is to allow our team to take care of your vehicle cleaning.

Is there anything extra I can do to keep my car looking great?

We can also apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle to add an extra layer of protection to your vehicle’s paint. We can help create a barrier between your car and the elements with this process during our paint correction or during a regular car detailing appointment.

How much does paint correction cost?

We include paint correction in our Executive Detail Package. In addition to all of the other services you receive with cleaning, like high-pressure steam cleaning of your seats and applying vinyl protection, we will assess and correct those issues in your paint. This package starts at $450. Additionally, we can work on your vehicle depending on your individual need.

To set an appointment for paint correction or for our help evaluating what your car needs for detail services, contact us today. We can work on your vehicle, inside and out, and have it ready to drive in no time.